Become a Member

Applicant Member of FNCA agrees, when accepted as a member:

  1. To participate in the work of FNCA to the end that (a) FNCA’s operating policies, plans and procedures can be coordinated with those of Applicant and (b) can provide with maximum effectiveness and efficiency the services and products which Applicant seeks in becoming a participating member.
  2. To pay promptly the charges as fixed by the FNCA Board of Directors.
  3. If a member utilizes the services and products provided by or through FNCA, the member waives and disclaims, any and all claims for damages arising solely out of the services and or products to be provided by or through FNCA, including claims for the damage resulting from negligence in the operation of said services and products provided by or through FNCA, its agents, servants or employees from and after the date of Applicant’s acceptance as a Member of FNCA.
  4. To abide by the bylaws and operating procedures of FNCA

Membership Application

Membership Application